Chen is a psychotic cat-girl with an unsteady grip on reality, and way too much knowledge about bad comic books in general. Solly is her unfortunate comrade in arms (a.k.a. babysitter), forced to be responsible for the destruction that she commonly & accidentally causes.

Chen & Solly
Chen & Solly
was one of the earliest original series ideas I came up with, however dated catgirls, robots, and aliens are now. I brainstormed a number of scenarios while I was part of a group pirating Japanese anime (WAY before it was commercially available in the United States and/or English). Obviously, I was influenced by the anime... but by the time I actually started to write stories, the ideas were pretty much my own.

Chen & Solly got back-burnered as I went to college, worked at a comic book store, and generally tried to make a living. In the mid-1990's, they became mascots for a website I created -- the Comic Book Clearing House -- which is where this comic was first posted online. When the Clearing House died, I moved the comic to the Thwack! Pow! Productions website here.

I'm hoping Kickstarter will not only let me finish this first story, but also let me add more adventures after... I have a notebook full of ludicrous ideas for and about Chen, Jill, and Solly, as well as notes about the origins of the strange town they live in. Enjoy!

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