Christian Bloode

Christian Bloode (sorta)

Christian Bloode is an old aquaintence of mine... which means he's a self-centered catalystic bum that oftens shows up out of nowhere to make me miserable. In his favor, he has a caustic sense of humor and a need to poke weaknesses whenever he sees one, "all for a good cause" he assures people as he runs from authorities.

My name is Christian Bloode, and I most certainly do NOT approve this message.

Shut up. Though he clearly sports a fictional name, Bloode generally claims his parents "just had an odd sense of humor." He also claims I'm related to him on my Mother's side, if you go back fourteen generations. About the only good thing that comes to mind about him is that he absolutely hates hypocrits, liars, and brown nosers, and is smart enough to call them out on it verbally when he encounters them. He also owes me money. I'm pretty sure he owes a LOT of people money.

Are you done yet, Haslam?

Serves you right for not writing this yourself; and stop talking, this voice recorder picks up everything!

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